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Implementing Business Strategy & Plans
Owner: SME
The business needs to have a clear and understandable "Core Statement of Focus" that is attainable and doable.  Business growth is attainable through measurable action and steps as described:
  • Execute the business strategy and business plan
  • Have the right people and talent or capability
  • Focus on Sales & Marketing and be responsive to environmental changes or requirements
  • Ensure leadership, management and staff have commitment to the vision and plan
  • Be flexible to some expanded offerings in your products or services ( it may be more right)
  • Implement broad initiatives to increase your agility
  • Keep your talented people (be creative)
  • Match your growth plan (finance facilitates) with the business growth GOALS
  • Innovate & innovate with a constant flow of ideas
Business Processes and Systems need to work well.  Be structured and methodical, but for example do not add a $million dollar accounting systems before your first sale. 

Developing and implementing your market proposition is critically important to the businesses existence today and more importantly tomorrow.