Phase 1 Guide Book
Describe the Business Opportunity
Cross-Check For Existing Projects/Issues
Prepare Opportunity Assessement Package for Steering Committee
Identification of Executive Sponsor for Qualification
Review Opportunity By Steering Committee
Owner: Idea Originator
The purpose of this phase is to be able to put the opportunity or idea down on paper and present the idea to the Steering Committee (TSC) to gain approval for your concept to advance to the Proposal Phase. The following documents will have to be completed in order to proceed:
  • Opportunity Description Summary
  • Cross-Checking Scorecard
  • Guide Concept Evaluation

These documents will be used in developing a "Concept Package" that is to be presented in front of the Steering Committee (TSC).  

Assistance is provided by the Project Management Office , which resources are available to help you formulate the idea and develop the concept package throughout the Qualification and Proposal phases in order to complete the required documentation.

It should take approximately 2 weeks to complete the requirements of the Qualification Phase and prepare a "Concept Package" with the assistance of the Project Management Office.  Once the package has been presented to the Company A Steering Committee (TSC), a decision will be made within another 2 weeks and will be formally communicated back to you.
Term Definition
Activity A grouping of related tasks to achieve a desired outcome.
Assumption An assumption is a very general statement used to create awareness of internal or external factors.
Business Capability A description of an opportunity deliverable that will benefit and improve the business eg. a new process, new service, new project
Business Imperatives Defined by the Senior Management of Threshold as the primary business goals or objectives
TSC Steering Committee - The governing decision body for all projects and programs within the company.
Dependencies A dependency is a very specific measurable product, service or resource that must be completed or delivered by a specific time. It describes a reliance one group has on another in order to successfully implement a new system or process.
Initiative A term usually used to describe an activity that addresses tactical business opportunities or challenges.
Mandated What an organization is being asked to do. At Threshold, Inc. this primarily means direction provided by NA or Global. The meaning can be further clarified by reviewing the Self-Evaluation Scorecard
Objectives The goals that are defined for an Initiative. They apply to programs, projects, and services. Objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and Timely)
Guide Mentor A resource facility to assist the idea originator in formalizing "good ideas". A Guide Mentor is a Project Management Professional with special training and knowledge.
Task The smallest unit of work that can be defined, measured, and assigned.
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